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Posted by John Sarkis on Dec 13, 2021 10:57:40 AM
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"A person doesn’t know how much they have to be thankful for - until they have to pay taxes on it."

Whether you’re a large ILEC, or a small rural voice provider, with every 499 submitted to the FCC carriers and their customers contribute a percentage of their international or interstate calls to the USF. While the USF has proven it’s importance with the introduction of rural broadband support and other funding grants, there’s an ongoing dilemma in regards to how carriers contribute to the USF.

Much of this dilemma stems from the FCC’s Contribution Factor and Safe Harbor Rate that many providers default to using to file their 499s.

We’ve composed a white paper to spread awareness about the current USF dilemma and what else carriers can be doing to optimize their contribution to the fund. 

In it we discuss;

  • USF Traffic Studies
  • Missed Opportunities
  • How to Switch From Safe Harbor
  • Best Practices for USF Contribution
  • Use Cases
  • Being a De Minimis Provider

In a recent webinar, USAC themselves encouraged optimizing your USF Contribution with a Traffic Analysis before the upcoming 499A filing.  We know that there’s money to be saved, we want carrier’s to know that there are things that they can do to lower their customers' bill as soon as this next quarter.

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